Timeless Love: Marina's Story (The Journal #4)

by Stephanie Hurt

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Timeless Love: Marina's Story by Stephanie Hurt
The final book of The Journal Series is a short story about the woman that created the Journals.

One spell, two hearts, three journals, four epic love stories.

Marina was known as a witch in Boston, but to those that knew her best, she was a healer. From the moment she first went back in time using an ancient journal, she knew that life would never be the same. The man she met was beyond anything she’d ever known.

Ryland, a blacksmith living in a little French village in the early 1600’s knew from the moment he saw Marina that she was his true love. But the local king also loved Marina and would do anything to have her as his own.

They are forced to hide away where they start their happy life, or so they thought… When Marina is forced back to 1739 Boston she must do everything in her power to keep her daughter safe.

In a time where witches were still seen as a threat, Marina will make a decision that will impact generations to come.

And who knows, you may find one of the journals one day and get sent to your true love... Anything can happen when love is involved. Happy reading!

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Timeless Love: Marina's Story by Stephanie Hurt