Tempest: An Alien Warrior Romance (Elemental Mates #4)

by Miranda Bridges, Kyra Snow

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Tempest: An Alien Warrior Romance by Miranda Bridges, Kyra Snow
I’m in my birthday suit, but I’m not ready to party.

When I wake up on a strange planet, my first thought is not to go streaking. Actually, it’s to find some clothes and avoid the local natives.

Too bad they find me first.

Instead of probing me like a normal alien, they make me their prized possession. Yay, right? Nope. Turns out they have intentions for me that are not conducive to my plan to live long and prosper. So I run like Forrest Gump.

And smack right into another alien.

Except this one is hot. Like fuego. However, he’s not interested in me at all. I take much umbrage and decide to seduce him to scratch an itch, as well as stay close to him so I don't die. I like sex, but I like breathing more. Just a little.

Anyway, the warrior is as welcoming as a cactus, but I can sense what he’s trying to hide and it draws me to him. Will I be able to keep from probing him emotionally without getting in too deep myself? (Sexual pun intended) Only one way to find out...

Elemental Mates Series:
Book 1- Glacier (Hazel & Xelias)
Book 2- Inferno (Kayla & Blaze)
Book 3- Obsidian (Jade & Castien)
Book 4- Tempest (Zoey & Kai)
Book 5- Zephyr
Book 6- Terra

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Tempest: An Alien Warrior Romance by Miranda Bridges, Kyra Snow