Mr. Montgomery

by Nadlee Thims

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Mr. Montgomery by Nadlee Thims
The sexy Mr. Montgomery has a problem. For two years, Elizabeth Roundtree has had sexual fantasies about her sexy boss, Mr. Montgomery. Though the relationship between the two has always been professional, Elizabeth has an inappropriate mishap that may land her in some hot water...or Mr. Montgomery's bed. As Elizabeth gets to know her enigmatic boss, she learns that he's a wild, sex crazed lunatic and while he vows to satisfy her every sexual desire, the one thing Elizabeth wants the most is the one thing Mr. Montgomery won't do for her - and for good reason. Determined to convince him to see things her way, Elizabeth plots and schemes, and even considers taking advantage of this wild man's "condition" to get what she wants. At the end of the day, however, Mr. Montgomery is stubborn and his wild and crazy ways may end up costing him his business, his reputation, and even his favorite new playmate. When push comes to shove, what is Mr. Montgomery really made of? Will he cave in and fulfill Elizabeth's biggest sexual fantasy? Or will the sexy bad boy just find another skirt for his bedroom floor? Is this book for you? Maybe this will help."This is easily the sexiest erotica I've ever read. Mr. Montgomery sets a new standard in so many ways." - Laney Smith, Author"If you want something sexy to read, check out Mr. Montgomery." - Fre Thought, Poet"This novel is dripping, hot sex from cover to cover. However, I'm so in love with this amazing story line that I could just die. It's an amazing love story." - A. C., Reader

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Mr. Montgomery by Nadlee Thims