Untangle My Heart: Hope Springs Book Two

by Emma Lea

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Untangle My Heart: Hope Springs Book Two by Emma Lea
Sutton Sharp's life was perfectly fine, thank you very much. Maybe the entire town of Hope Springs treated her like a kid, but was it really that bad if people looked out for her?

Okay, so maybe she could do without walking in on her brother and his girlfriend doing it on every available surface in the house she shared with them, but apart from that inconvenience (and frankly disturbing image) her life was great.

She certainly didn't need her brother's best friend riding in on a white horse to offer her a place to live where she wouldn't be constantly confronted with her brother's bare backside. She had her own plans...and she had a secret that would be impossible to keep if she moved into Daniel's place.

Daniel Forster had only ever thought of Sutton as Tony's annoying little sister...okay, there was that one time at the B&S ball where he kissed her, but that was just to shut her up. She'd been arguing with him at them time and he couldn't think of another way to make her be quiet. That was his story and he was sticking to it.

Asking her to move in with him had come as a shock not only to her, but to him as well. Yes, he needed a new housemate to cover his mortgage payments, but Sutton was the last person he wanted to give an up close and personal look at his life...especially not after the incident in the warehouse behind the hardware store.

Despite both of their aversions to living together, neither of them had any other choice. But it was only temporary and they both agreed they could do temporary. Neither one of them was prepared for what being 'up close and personal' would do to their relationship.

*This is a hot and steamy best-friend's little sister/enemies to lovers romance with a happy ever after and lots of flying sparks and lacy lingerie along the way.

**This book is set in Australia and uses Australian/UK English

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Untangle My Heart: Hope Springs Book Two by Emma Lea