Tales of Love, Madness and Death

by Horacio Quiroga

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Tales of Love, Madness and Death by Horacio Quiroga
This is an English translation of the famous collection of 18 weird tales of Horacio Quiroga, which is presented as a Spanish/English bilingual edition.
Most of the stories are dark and strange and describe situations that offer no clear way out for the protagonist. Some stories are set in the countryside or the jungle, and others in the city, both showing the lives of the poor and disinherited but also of the most favored members of society.
Quiroga portrays sharply the social miseries and limitations of the protagonists, which often end up deciding their final destiny. Irony mingles freely with social denunciations, love, madness and death.
Also this book is useful for students of Spanish, to learn Spanish through reading, since the side-by-side presentation of the Spanish and English texts, makes it easy following the original Spanish text.

The tales presented in this book are:
Una Estación de Amor / A Station of Love
Los Ojos Sombríos / The Shady Eyes
El Solitario / The Solitaire
La Muerte de Isolda / The Death of Isolde
El Infierno Artificial / Artificial Hell
La Gallina Degollada / The Decapitated Chicken
Los Buques Suicidantes / Suicidal Ships
El Almohadón de Plumas / The Feather Pillow
El Perro Rabioso / The Rabid Dog
A la Deriva / Drifting
La Insolación / Insolation
El Alambre de Púa / The Barbed Wire
Los Mensú / The Mensú
Los Pescadores de Vigas / The Beam Fishermen
La Miel Silvestre / Wild Honey
Nuestro Primer Cigarro / Our First Cigar
La Meningitis y su Sombra / Meningitis and its Shadow

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Tales of Love, Madness and Death by Horacio Quiroga