The Yoder Sisters Trilogy: (Three Amish Romances in One Volume)

by Naomi Troyer

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The Yoder Sisters Trilogy: (Three Amish Romances in One Volume) by Naomi Troyer


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Three bestselling Amish Romances in One Volume.

Missed one or more books in this series? This is a great way to catch up.

Follow along the stories of three young sisters left to sort through life after their parents' tragic demise.

These compelling tales will keep you riveted for hours. Find your favorite spot, put on some tea and enjoy this fantastic three in one volume of best-selling Amish Romances.

Ava’s Story – Book 1

 Standing by her parents’ grave, Ava knows she now has a world of responsibility on her shoulders. In addition to her sisters, she also has the farm to think of. A poor harvest three years ago left their parents in debt. If this year’s crop isn’t a success, the sisters might just lose their family farm.

When a stranger offers them help for only room and board, Ava knows she has no choice but to accept. Levi Stoltfuz does things differently than her father, but what bothers her is the way she feels when she looks at him.

While trying to grieve her parents, save the farm and ignore the feelings she has for the new foreman, her youngest sister Callie is proving to be quite difficult. Unable to deal with the loss of her parents, Callie spirals out of control.

Can Ava keep her family together and save the farm?  Is this the right time for love? Does she even have a choice?

Bertha’s Miracle – Book 2

Bertha knows it’s time to move on.

With Ava planning her wedding and Callie still acting out after the death of their parents, Bertha decides it’s time to think of her own future. When the local farm stall proprietor, Noah Lapp, offers her a position as a shop assistant she jumps at the opportunity. She enjoys the work; especially the warm feelings washing over her when her boss looks at her.

After Ava’s wedding, Bertha and Callie move into the dawdi haus to give the newlyweds privacy.

Callie becomes even more impossible to live with.

Bertha finds herself torn between enjoying her work and dreading going home to Callie every night. She’s falling in love with her new boss… until an accident leaves the farm stall in ruins.  Bertha knows he’ll never look her way again.

Not only has she lost her job, the Lapp family’s business is in ruins.  Can a miracle save the farm stall? Will Bertha find forgiveness and love? When will Callie realize that she isn’t the only one grieving?

Callie’s Decision – Book 3

Callie is facing the biggest decision of her life. Should she stay or should she leave?

Her Amish life holds nothing but the painful memories of her parents. Off to the city for her rumspringa, she’s excited to experience as much as she can.

Love strikes when Callie discovers an attraction to Michael Gardner. Michael is a kind and funny Englischer who likes Callie regardless of her Amish heritage. As Callie loses her heart, she also loses any desire to return home. It’s time to cut all ties with her Amish heritage, regardless of how it might hurt.

In a surprising turn of events, Callie returns home in tears. She’s too ashamed to tell her sisters what happened and finds solace in a friendship with Adam Zook. She’s known Adam her entire life and just like him, she needs a friend.

Can this friendship turn into more? Will Callie consider staying in the orndung, or is she just biding her time to leave?

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The Yoder Sisters Trilogy: (Three Amish Romances in One Volume) by Naomi Troyer