SAFE: Love me hard series

by Fern Fraser

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SAFE: Love me hard series by Fern Fraser

I’ve loved Jared ever since I was a kid. Growing up, he was my older brother Adrian’s best friend and we were inseparable. When his parents split up, he moved away from home and joined the army. Something happened to him when he was deployed overseas but nobody will tell me what it is. He’s been difficult to reach and I haven’t seen him in the flesh for 10 years, only in photos.
In a week’s time, he will return home to be my brother’s best man. But will Jared see me as a woman he can love, or will I always be like a kid sister to him?


There’s never been anyone else for me than my Sassy girl, but since the ‘incident’ I’m convinced she won’t want me. I’ve built a life on my own, away from people. I’m not the man I used to be. All I want is Sarah but how can I convince her to love me, the way I am now?

When an unwelcome guest threatens Sarah’s safety, how far will Jared go to protect her?

This is a standalone story in the “Love me hard” series about a long-buried love. It is short and steamy, with no cheating and a totally HEA.

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SAFE: Love me hard series by Fern Fraser