War of Gods (Vampire Crown #5)

by Scarlett Dawn, Katherine Rhodes

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[?] · 6 ratings · Published: Nov 1st, 2020

War of Gods by Scarlett Dawn, Katherine Rhodes
Reunion. Revenge. Revelation.
The bestselling VAMPIRE CROWN series brings us back to earth in War of Gods, where Queen Gwynnore and Breaker Kimber are tested as they’ve never been before. Battles in foreign lands reach new heights of depravity and tear hearts apart in this fast-paced installment fans don’t want to miss.

Vengeance is foolhardy.
War has erupted worldwide, and the humans—the vampires' foes —are just as reprehensible as the vampires and druids imagined. Bloodshed follows in Queen Gwynnore’s wake as she fights the enemy in their quest for revenge.

Vengeance is familiar.
Breaker Kimber is tossed from one war to another, now in the peculiar Earth realm. Caught between her men and duty, Kimber’s heart is shattered when disaster strikes.

Vengeance isn’t reserved for foolhardy youth.
To the damned, vengeance is a familiar hug in the darkness.

CONTENT WARNING: This series contains graphic language, violent content, and sexual situations (Multiple partners). It is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY.
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War of Gods by Scarlett Dawn, Katherine Rhodes