Unveiled: The Jewel Chronicles I (The Jewel Chronicles #1)

by E.M. Sinclair

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Unveiled: The Jewel Chronicles I by E.M. Sinclair
Ellesmera, a girl with a past no one can place.
Surrounded by secrets, raised by a people who cannot understand her, Meera must discover the truth of the burden she bears– a burden that will shape the three worlds and challenge every belief humanity has held about their place in them.
When Meera begins to manifest strange powers, she draws the attention of the gods; both Shining and Shadowed deities seek out the magic that has begun to make itself known to the world. The legacy that Meera carries within her heart is showing its face for the first time in millennia.

Nadriel, a god with no people, a deity with no home.
Cursed from birth to live as a pariah to both god and man, he is a source of fear to mortal and immortal alike. When his path crosses with Meera’s, she is forced to face possibilities she never could have imagined.
Together, their passion will lead to untold strength or complete annihilation. Both are part of a story that neither fully understands.

When her veils begin to tear and Ellesmera is revealed to the three worlds, she must face the truth about who and what she is. Even Nadriel’s great strength may not be enough to protect her.
One girl, fated to carry a destiny with unimaginable implications. The outcast god, finally forced to choose a side.
When all is revealed, what will be left in their wake?

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Unveiled: The Jewel Chronicles I by E.M. Sinclair