Beast: A Dark Alien Romance (Reaper's Property #4)

by Athena Storm, Cara Stone

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Beast: A Dark Alien Romance by Athena Storm, Cara Stone
The beautiful Talia.
Rebel leader.
A Sister in the Order of the Raith ‘Pa.
But most of all…my mate.

Now she lies before me. Conquered. A prize for my taking.
Yet as I stare into her soul, Talia stares back into my own.
I devour the contours of her body with my gaze.
Feast my senses upon her supple form and the delights they promise.
I have taken her, and she is mine.
All mine.

My life is brutality.
Slaying foes for the Empire.
Carving them into quivering lumps, or reducing them to piles of ash.
Yet when I stare into her fresh verdant-eyed gaze, I feel stirrings of something more.
An existence beyond battle and warfare.
A journey more profound and heart wrenching than any I have ever known.

Beause the longer I gaze at the lovely Talia, the more this human woman makes me wonder.
Am I the conqueror?
Or has my jalshagar conquered my heart?

I only know one thing.
Talia is mine.
And no force in the galaxy will tear her from my side.
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Beast: A Dark Alien Romance by Athena Storm, Cara Stone