by Seven Rue

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fiftysix by Seven Rue
Guys my age didn’t know how to treat me right.
Girls my age would never understand how powerful a woman can feel being adored by older men.
And men twice, even triple my age could never say no to me.
Not even Riggs.
Thirty-eight years my senior and my dad’s best friend.
Rough, short-tempered, and an alpha male.
I liked being in control in every situation, but he made it hard.
He challenged me while I kept teasing, wanting to push not only his, but my own limits.
And when the most unexpected thing occurred, Riggs showed me just how much he hated the games I played.


This book is only for the very open-minded readers.

There will be all kinds of kinks, some that are often seen as nasty and disgusting.
I don’t kink shame, and if you don’t either, turn the next page.
If you think you can’t handle it without judging or shaming me as an author writing fiction, but also readers who like these types of books, please do not read fiftysix.

This book contains orgasm denial, degrading, spanking, watersports, breath play, very vulgar language. All sexual acts in this book are consensual between two legal adults. There is no rape.
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fiftysix by Seven Rue