Previous Owners

by Anne Allan

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Nov 21st, 2020

Previous Owners by Anne Allan
Helene Curtis has two specialties. She is an expert at selling Real Estate, and she can talk to dead people. Some previous owners never leave.
The problem with a lot of houses is not the smelly old shag carpeting. Sometimes it’s a ghost. Helene dispels creepy critters and convinces ghosts to move on. This has made her one of the most successful agents in her county. But she yearns for more.
Now, she’s come to the big city with her best friend Frank to conquer the market. She discovers two very important things after she arrives. Helene meets Brandon and learns that love at first sight does exist. And the second is that some houses have more than just ghosts.

Some have monsters that will eat your soul.

Now Helene must put her heart on the line and learn to love and trust Brandon. All while struggling to figure out who is casting spells that will release an unspeakable evil upon the city, and maybe even the world.
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Previous Owners by Anne Allan