Savage Saints MC Anthology: Curvy Girl MC Romance

by Autumn Summers

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Savage Saints MC Anthology: Curvy Girl MC Romance by Autumn Summers
Do you love action-packed motorcycle romance, hot and steamy sex scenes, and a happily ever after?
Follow the Savage Saints through twelve thrillingly exciting stories!

This complete collection contains:

Lord (Savage Saints MC, Book 1)

Mandy escapes her parent’s superficial billionaire lifestyle by hitching a ride with the mysterious Lord – a rival MC gang hot on his heels. Danger brought them together, but will it tear them apart?

Ace (Savage Saints MC, Book 2)

Ace’s rash decision to kidnap the skittish Bambi from a Cartel bar could get her killed. Bambi struggles to trust this impulsive stranger, but could he be her saviour?

Ryder (Savage Saints MC, Book 3)

Ryder and Red were just friends until a paranormal experience changed Ryder’s life. With Red being the only one to understand, they only get closer. Could they ever be more? Nothing would be the same again…

Crow (Savage Saints MC, Book 4)

Crow’s lost without a patch on his back or a bike beneath him. Having lost the only life he’d ever known, he’s uncertain how he fits into the world… then he meets the beautiful Brooklyn.

Dylan (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 5)

Dylan’s on a path of destruction, haunted by his recent military past. However, he begins to change his ways after crossing paths with Leah – an angel who rids him of his demons.

Rex (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 6)

After being saved from an abusive biker by her drug dealer, Rex, Leah robs him of his stash and overdoses. Because she’s from a rival club, Rex has no idea what he should do – or what he should risk to care for her.

Wolf (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 7)

Wolf’s been keeping a deep, dark secret from his MC. The moment Amber walks into the clubhouse, the one woman who could expose him, his position’s threatened. But Wolf knows that she, too, is hiding her true self.

Chains (Savage Saints MC: New Blood, Book 8)

Chains is facing life in prison for violent crimes. Ada, a highly respected lawyer, is the only one who could save him – that is, if she isn’t killed first. Under ordinary circumstances their worlds wouldn’t collide, but they need each other.

Tank (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 9)

Rose thought her high school sweetheart, Tank, was dead. So, when he shows up at the bar she works at, she’s overwhelmingly happy to see him. Noticing that he’s having trouble readjusting, Rose encourages him to join a motorcycle club with the hopes that it’ll give him what he needs. Can she help him?

Gunner (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 10)

Gunner would’ve been living the American Dream if it weren’t for Trixie. Because of her, he fought for his life in the Vietnam war. Now her life’s in danger, and Gunner is the only one who can keep her safe. Can he forget the past and protect her?

Ammo (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 11)

The MC were warned to stay away from Roxy, but Ammo just can’t resist his best friend’s little sister. Their love is forbidden, and Roxy can’t bear to be the cause of a rift in the club, so can they let themselves give into desire?

Buzz (Savage Saints MC: Original Gangsters, Book 12)

Minnie isn’t Buzz’s type, but he falls for her anyway. Though she’s been asking a lot of prying questions about the club and his position as VP, he tries to ignore his suspicions. But, if he’s right, her secret could cost him his MC, and even his life.
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Savage Saints MC Anthology: Curvy Girl MC Romance by Autumn Summers