Unbound Love

by VR Newton

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Unbound Love by VR Newton
What good is power you can’t control? You spend your entire life protecting your clan. They are the only family you know. Then you make one mistake. Now you wonder - would they be safer without you?
Arie – Lose control once and they banish you. Maybe that piece of shit Fae isn’t the only threat to my clan. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve gone from one overly protective brother, to being trapped with two arrogant, albeit gorgeous dragons. But nothing will stand in the way of me returning to my clan. Now if I can just stop thinking about Cade’s lips or how Garik’s arms look crossed over his chest.
Cade – Is wishing to live a quiet life too much to ask? Yet here I am opening my doors to an immortal being with powers beyond my control. We just have to train her and send her home, then everything will go back to normal. I won’t let the way her dress hugs her hips or the way her eyes look like a tropical storm when we argue, distract me.
Garik – I would never turn away a friend in need. She’s his only family. We just need to keep her from getting herself killed. But when I catch her sweet scent it feels like more than friendly concern coursing through my body. No one says it can’t be fun training her and I can think of several fun things I would love to teach her.
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Unbound Love by VR Newton