Child of Magic (Prophecy #5)

by T. N. Hayden

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Nov 24th, 2020

Child of Magic by T. N. Hayden
Fia was saved by Bethanie Broxen at birth from the father who wanted her dead. Bethanie believes Fia is the one who will break the curse of the cursed, and Fia is raised in a loving household with her adopted sister, brother, parents, and friends at Socolla School where Xavien and Bethanie Broxen teach those born with magic to control their powers.
As Te Rangimarie begins, royalty from around Solapin gather in Goshen, Najos, and the Broxen family find themselves invited to the grand occasion. Fia meets Lance Harland, a servant who steals her heart. As she grows more in love, she begins experiencing black outs.
Was she truly born cursed, or will she be the savior of those cursed, as Bethanie always believed she was?
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Child of Magic by T. N. Hayden