Nightshade Court (Hemlock Hollow #3)

by Ellen Dugan

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[?] · 2 ratings · Published: Nov 27th, 2020

Nightshade Court by Ellen Dugan
Welcome back to Hemlock Hollow where nothing is as it seems...

In this third installment, Daphne Hart is lucky to be alive. After her former lover tried to kill her, she was spirited away to the Fae kingdom where she has been slowly recuperating. Unfortunately, there were complications which have left her weak, and her memories fragmented.

Spending time alone with the handsome Finnlagh O’Brien during her recovery isn’t too much of a hardship...It’s more like the stuff romantic fantasies are made of. However, her interlude with Finnlagh can’t last forever. Dreamy and ethereal though the Fae realm may be, it begins to prove every bit as dangerous and filled with intrigue and conflict as the mortal world.

When Fae court politics and the demands of Finnlagh’s rank press down on them both, Finnlagh calls in the debt that she owes him. It is an impossible situation and one that causes Daphne’s memories to return with a vengeance. Before she can decide her next move, a serious conflict breaks out within the Fae territories, allowing Daphne to escape during the chaos.

Romance will have to wait, because in the mortal world Daphne has a responsibility to her kinfolk and an obligation to help her own community. Once she is reunited with her family, the race is on to gather more allies. Together, mortal and Supe alike must find a way to rid the hollow of evil once and for all before the next full moon rises.
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Nightshade Court by Ellen Dugan