Enemies (BlackByrd Series)

by M. Miley

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Enemies (BlackByrd Series) by M. Miley
Becca: My brother was killed overseas, never making it home from his last mission. They called him a traitor, an enemy of the state, the reason for so many deaths. Everyone believed it, even Beau “Bear" Ericson. Bear was his friend, his brother-in-arms, part of the brotherhood that goes deeper then blood. But he left him, left me, alone and reeling in a world that no longer made sense. So, when I see his hazel eyes blazing with hate from across the room, I know we can only be one thing…enemies.

Bear: I may have made it home from the war, but I’m far from okay. How can I be when the person I trusted with my life cost me everything? Trusting isn't something I do. Forgiving and forgetting isn’t going to happen either. But then she walked through the door, messing with my cold dead heart and playing with my mind. The only question, can I trust her or will we always be enemies?

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Enemies (BlackByrd Series) by M. Miley