Merry Loves Bright

by Brynn Paulin

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Merry Loves Bright by Brynn Paulin

Brighton Banks... He's the boy next door, my secret crush and now my coworker.

Not that we actually work together. But when a security breach happens on my computer and it's taken over by Santa porn, guess who they send to fix it. The head of security, Mr. Brighton-I-Want-to-Marry-Him Banks.


Merry Anna Zania is my nemesis. And by that, I mean she fills my thoughts night and day. I start the morning carpooling with her and end it... Well, let's just say she's in my head and her name is on my lips. But I'm just the boy next door. I don't stand a chance.

When a very unfortunate, awkward virus takes over her computer, that naughty Santa might just give me the opportunity I need. This holiday season started out as bah-humbug, but it's about to become Merry and Bright.
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Merry Loves Bright by Brynn Paulin