Trust In Lust (Lust Series # 1)

by Rhylie Matthews

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[?] · 2 ratings · Published: Nov 30th, 2020

Trust In Lust by Rhylie Matthews
How in the hell did I get here?

And by here, I mean in a cave, about to shoot my boss in the ass . . .

I'm Vaughn. Special Agent Juliana Vaughn and I bet you're wondering just how I got here too? Well, I guess that's the special part. See, I'm a Sixer, born with an extra sixth sense. Fresh out of training... sort of, and on my very first case hunting a killer that's targeting fellow alumni—unique alumni just like me.

Which is how I ended up in this cave with Sutton—the overgrown ass that took over our department after graduation, hijacked my career, and kept me on a leash ever since—my handler since I still can't control my senses. Not that I blame him, especially when my newest six kicks in, and I can't even walk down the street without feeling everyone's desires, including Sutton's. Talk about awkward.
Other than the constant cockblock routine, I'm okay with him playing bodyguard. Together we make a damn good team—when he listens.

Who am I kidding? He never listens, and I'm so going to shoot him in the ass.

Trust In Lust is the first book in a reverse harem * Why Choose * PNR series. Suitable for readers 18+.
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Trust In Lust by Rhylie Matthews