Because She Trusted Me: Book 5

by Mia Dailey

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Because She Trusted Me: Book 5 by Mia Dailey

Two believers running from their past.

A lie that could destroy their future.

The most difficult challenge is yet to come.

After a bad breakup, Nicolette Davis is happy to trade Atlanta for Honolulu and start working from home. With a new wardrobe, she feels she’s finally ready to have some fun, and the warm sandy beaches, beautiful purple flowers and incredibly friendly people convince her that she’s found the perfect incognito getaway...until she meets him.

A gorgeous Marine who travels the world, Steven Chavez is never sure where he’s going to end up next. While stationed in Honolulu, he meets a beautiful, guarded young woman. They quickly fall into an easy rhythm...but Steven doesn’t dare to tell her that he is a Marine and a son of a Marine, not after she shared her story.

A rule-follower in all aspects of her life, Nicolette is determined never to date military men. As a loving daughter of a Marine who’s been struggling for a long while until his faith in God helped him, she’s afraid of loving a man who could suffer the same fate. And when she finds out that Steven has been hiding the truth from her, she’s overwhelmed by hurt and anger.

How could he do that to her, when they’ve both been brought up in households of faith and share the same values?

What else is he hiding?

Is it even possible for them to continue after this?

...and if they do, can they survive what comes next?

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Three couple. Three powerful love stories. All are destined to meet.

In the Because She Loved Me Series, three brave Marines and the women they love are facing trials yet holding on to the love they believe in. At times they feel like they’re going to fail. Fail in their hope for a happily ever after. Can there really be happiness after trauma?

Six intertwined lives. Six stories of struggles but there’s a plan for them, and their faith, and self-sacrifice, and just as important, unconditional love can get them there...if they can remember how to trust God to take them where they’re meant to be.

Is it really possible to love a military man with all the difficulties it brings?

Are faith and unconditional love going to be enough?

Enjoy this Christian Marine Romance Series today!
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Because She Trusted Me: Book 5 by Mia Dailey