Resurrections and Rituals (Supernatural Academy #4)

by Autumn Gray

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Resurrections and Rituals by Autumn Gray
Magic is never simple and neither is my life…

Hollowhaven’s bully has taken over my boyfriend and my old, human life. So even though she’s not here, she’s screwing up my life.

I’m learning to embrace my magic, but most of it is locked away under a potent spell that I can’t seem to crack. But now I have a wraith after me and my powers.

Add in the fact that my two ghost lovers are locked in a magical prism and my third past life love is MIA, and my life is just peachy.

Yeah, right.

I need to send my men back to the afterlife where they should be. Where they’ll be safe.

But how can I?

My ghosts make me feel more alive and loved. That time with them feels more real the world around me. Except I shouldn’t give in to my temptations.

Someone has stolen the grimoire that brought my past-life loves during a summoning ritual that went wonky. Worse, they plan on using the magical book to banish all supernaturals.

***This is an upper YA/NA Reverse Harem with sexy supernatural guys.

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Resurrections and Rituals by Autumn Gray