Dear Daddy, Please Spank Me (Naughty or Nice #2)

by Chara Croft

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Dear Daddy, Please Spank Me by Chara Croft
Dear Santa,

Not sure if I made your naughty list this year or the nice one, but I suppose it doesn't matter since all I want for Christmas is a hot Daddy to spank my a** until I cream, and that kind of fits either way, right?

Nah, I'm not being greedy. Hear me out. If I somehow made the nice list, then—besides the fact that you should definitely check your algorithms—a Daddy who can actually help me get my shit together is probably the only thing that will help me stay there. But if you've got me on the naughty list (and let's be real, I was lying when I said I wasn't sure; we both know you do) then I'm pretty sure I deserve that spanking.

And Santa? Any Daddies you want to send my way can get a free preview of what they’re signing up for on my YouTube channel. Hit me up, and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. 


The last thing Jordan Wendt wants is a Daddy. Someone else in his life to come in and tell him what a fuck-up he is, when he’s already perfectly aware? Oh, hell no. Besides, not to sound shallow—well, maybe a little bit, but just keeping it real—but old dudes just aren’t his thing. Still, when he gets roped into signing up for the kinky dating app Cuffd and sending a “letter to Santa” as part of a holiday promotion on his YouTube channel, he’s more than willing to play it up. Anything for more subscribers, you know? Especially since the channel is the only thing he’s got going for him.

Andy Archer is as vanilla as they come. So vanilla, in fact, that he didn’t even realize vanilla was anything but a latte flavor before he accidentally fell down a Google rabbit hole and ended up fifty shades more knowledgeable than he ever expected to be about the world of kink. And okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely “accidental,” but when he stumbled across a video of his former high school crush asking Santa to bring him a Daddy for Christmas, Andy is determined to find out what the heck that means. Because sure, Andy isn’t exactly Daddy material and Jordan has always been a little—okay, maybe a lot—out of his league, but if there’s ever a time to believe in miracles, it’s Christmas, right?

Dear Daddy, Please Spank Me is part of the Naughty or Nice multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but there are so many boys hoping that holiday magic will bring them their perfect Daddy. Why not grab them all?
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Dear Daddy, Please Spank Me by Chara Croft