Plus One: Interracial Romance

by Kimberly Smith

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Plus One: Interracial Romance by Kimberly Smith
Will their plus one arrangement become the romance of a lifetime?

Gerald Harrison doesn’t believe in love and romance, which is why he hires a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend. He’s prepared to meet a woman that fits his taste exactly. He expected her to be tall, with a killer rack and long blond hair. That’s not who showed up. His date is attractive, but she is short, curvy with short kinky hair. She ends up saving his pitch with little effort. She offers to extend the fake date to continue helping him, in exchange for a piece of his company when the investors agree to give him the seed money.

Gerald finds himself becoming more attracted to the curvy, Black woman who is unlike any woman he has ever known. She is selfless, sweet, and smart. Though he’s never been in an interracial relationship, he likes Asia enough to try it.

Asia Gates has a big heart and loves her family, which is why she agrees to take her sister’s place on a blind date for hire when Lisa breaks her leg on the day of the date. She’s prepared to meet a White man who apparently can’t get a date without paying for one. He is not what she was expecting. Her pretend boyfriend is tall, dark, and handsome. He surprises her by being romantic and flirty even when they aren’t around his potential investors. Asia surprises herself when she volunteers to continue their romance charade in exchange for a piece of his future business.

As Asia gets to know Gerald better, he steals a bit of her heart with each confession about his childhood. She wants to give him what he’s never had, unconditional love, and acceptance.

Just as their romance begins to bloom, they are faced with obstacles, including a world pandemic that will change both their lives and their romance in unmeasurable ways.
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Plus One: Interracial Romance by Kimberly Smith