The Mind of a Lieutenant (Surviving Love and War #1)

by Nadine Hudson

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 5th, 2020

The Mind of a Lieutenant by Nadine Hudson
After spending months on a mission, Nick returned to his base to find a letter from his lonely bride that crushed him to his core. Distracted by the helplessness of his circumstances, Nick made a grave mistake that changed life as he once knew it. The once sweet, soft, romantic Nick is left with his body and heart damaged...broken. A mere semblance of the hearts and flowers man he used to be.
Now, back home, he is stuck in a rehab facility where he stares at the obstacles ahead of him and has to decide if he is strong enough to overcome his physical and emotional deficits and has no choice, but to face the source of his pain.
With the support of the sweet and feisty Tessa, overseeing his rehab treatment, the outlook for a full physical recovery is seeming at least possible, but what of his broken heart? Will she be able to fix that too? Find out in this heart wrenching, Surviving Love and War series premiere, The Mind of a Lieutenant.
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The Mind of a Lieutenant by Nadine Hudson