Love & Tragedy (The Michaels Brothers #2)

by Janice Ross

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Love & Tragedy by Janice Ross
Greyson Michaels finally got the girl, but with all the trouble in the world. He’s forced to balance a double life that might just rip him apart. He’s caught between a devotion to the love of his life Celeste and a brother he’s ready to defend, even when their rivalry has been from infancy.
Brendan Michaels has made life hell for his younger brother Greyson. They’ve always been on the opposite side of the spectrum, so there’s no surprise that one appears to be corrupt and the other the poster child for perfection.
Although he carries brotherly love for Grey, Brendan can’t understand why the younger Michaels always seems to come out on top. But Brendan’s story is more than what’s seen on the surface. His story is filled with heartbreak, pain and disappointment. Not to mention, the corruption he’s swimming in with no end in sight. But life has a way of bringing things full circle and possibly bringing us face to face with a chance at redemption with second chances reappear.
In book two of Love & Tragedy, the Brendan Michaels begins on a dangerous road into the darkness.
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Love & Tragedy by Janice Ross