His CONSEQUENCES: A Dark Billionaire Secret Romance (His Temptation #4)

by Mary Madison

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His CONSEQUENCES: A Dark Billionaire Secret Romance by Mary Madison
Everyone has a past, even me.
The difference is my past comes with big blues eyes and an adorable grin.
I'm just sad that she has to grow up without her dad…or so I thought.

Growing up, I had a normal life. Two bar owning parents and dreams like any other girl my age.
But then he walked in, with his dark eyes and brooding personality, and I was toast.

By the time our whirlwind romance was over, he was arrested, my parent's bar was shut down for money laundering, and I was left with a positive pregnancy test.

So, I moved on. I made it work, and years later, as a doctor, things had finally settled.
Or so I thought…
Standing there in the fluorescent hospital lighting was the man I thought I'd never see again.
The man who fathered my child but had no idea.
And it seems his family, the Stolaroff Russian Mob, wasn't too happy about his return.

Kostas says he's changed. He says he put the past behind him and started off on the right path after prison.
But the second I start to consider it, his family comes bearing down, and killing him is the only thing they have in mind.
One minute I'm living my life with our daughter. The next, I'm fighting Kostas in his condo, under constant watch. But fighting always leads to the bedroom, and the man melts my anger right off, and my clothes with it.

Is Kostas strong enough to give up his family and his past for us? Or will the money and the power draw him right back in?
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His CONSEQUENCES: A Dark Billionaire Secret Romance by Mary Madison