His Pretty Kitty (Planets Apart #3)

by Sinistre Ange

4.50 ·
[?] · 2 ratings · Published: Dec 8th, 2020

His Pretty Kitty by Sinistre Ange
Convicted of embezzlement and facing prison planet exile, Katherine Beck must choose where to serve her sentence. While most destinations within the Allied World are less than hospitable, on Seirios she will enjoy the life of a pampered pet while she's paying her debt to society. But upon her arrival she's shocked to discover that she now belongs not to one new owner, but two.

And she's not the only pet in the Martin household.

Falsely accused and wrongly convicted, Brutus has learned to enjoy his life as guard dog and plaything for the Martins. He finds it so pleasurable, in fact, that he chose to stay even after his innocence was proven. When his masters decide to adopt a new pet for the entire house to share, Brutus is looking forward to enjoying a sweet kitty girl too... but he has no idea his past is about to collide with his present.
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His Pretty Kitty by Sinistre Ange