Dragon's Second Chance Romance (Dragons of Mount Atrox #2)

by Riley Storm

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[?] · 3 ratings · Published: Dec 8th, 2020

Dragon's Second Chance Romance by Riley Storm
Everyone makes mistakes. But Claire’s have come back to haunt her…

Claire has always had a thing for bad boys. That’s exactly how she got into her current situation, running back to Five Peaks to hide out at her parents’ place. Some guys just won’t take no for an answer however, and her controlling ex is one of them. He’s already confronted her once and threatened to expose her sins to the world. That’s why she’s determined not to give anyone else a shot. Even if they are tall, handsome, kind, and the complete opposite of her usual type.

Pietro has been looking all over town for Claire, desperate to find her before the evil that has entered the world does. Unfortunately, all he has to go on is a picture in his mind. A memory of a disastrous first meeting that should have ended any chance this dragon has with the fiery redhead. Yet he can’t stop thinking about her, and that’s exactly what’s gotten her into even more trouble. It’s up to him to protect her from the evil of his world.

Claire didn’t think she wasn’t ready for a new man. She knew she wasn’t. Yet somehow, over the course of several wild nights involving her ex-boyfriend, vampires, and being arrested, Pietro has managed to win his way into her heart. There’s an honesty and caring about him that is foreign to her. Never has anyone treated her the way he does, and the more she experiences it, the more Claire begins to wonder if perhaps she’s been doing it wrong all this time. Maybe all she needed to do was find her Pietro. Now if they can just stop her past and his world from colluding to destroy their future…
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Dragon's Second Chance Romance by Riley Storm