Ash and Stone (Hidden Truth #1)

by Rose Alexander

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 8th, 2020

Ash and Stone by Rose Alexander
Secrets and lie. Passion and pain...

Life was simple as a demon spending my days torturing the souls of the damned. But things got a hell of a lot more complicated when Lilith appeared and dumped me in the mortal realm to face a different type of demon: my history.

Come to find out, my mother had been harboring a deadly secret about what I really am.

Now she's dead.

All I learn before her final breaths is that I'm only part demon — a halfling.

Halflings are an abomination. It's just a matter of time before every demon, angel, and gargoyle will be hunting me.

Like the three irresistible gargoyles who happen to live in the same apartment complex I moved into. Then add an over-protective, shape-shifting Cerberus to the mix. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Right?

The clock is ticking — things prophesied are being fulfilled.
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Ash and Stone by Rose Alexander