Stuffed : A Possessive Alpha Holiday Romance (Mistletoe Montana #7)

by Lena Lucas

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Stuffed : A Possessive Alpha Holiday Romance by Lena Lucas

I’d wanted Wellsie Ander for as long as I’d lived in Mistletoe, Montana. And that was saying something since I'd lived here my whole life.

She was the only woman who ever made me want… more out of life. But I’d always kept my distance, too afraid of rejection if I bared my heart and soul. Because I knew if she wasn’t mine, there would never be anyone else for me.

But before I made her mine I’d wanted certain things. I wanted to be successful with my own home and a thriving business. I wanted those things so I had something to offer the woman I loved, the girl of my dreams.

And now was the time for me to stake my claim on her, and make Wellsie see that she’d been mine before she’d even known my name.


I knew Beau watched me constantly. I felt his eyes on me like a physical touch. And I wanted him, too, but of course I was a coward in making the first move.

I pined and wanted, fantasized and dreamed of being his. But I was tired of the fear that controlled me at the thought of him turning me down. So I told myself now was the time. I’d tell Beau that I was in love with him.

And when the perfect opportunity arose, I was taking it. So I scheduled a private baking class with him and knew there would be no going back. I’d been prepared for rejection from him, maybe even a soft blow to my ego as I confessed, but what I didn’t expect was him to love me back.

What I didn’t expect was for Beau to tell me he’d been waiting for me his whole life.

Lena’s note: I know you like them fast and right to the point so don’t worry, this one gives you all the goods but with a healthy dose of romance (and holiday cheer) thrown in. A double virgins story to whet your appetite and burn up the pages! Enjoy this good old-fashioned safe smut-fest.
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Stuffed : A Possessive Alpha Holiday Romance by Lena Lucas