Fixing The Fitter

by D.D. Grey

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Fixing The Fitter by D.D. Grey
Juanita had agreed with Andy that the price for the fixer-upper was too good a deal to miss. The whole house needed gutting and renovating, but afterward they would have a great house in a great neighborhood. Just a few months’ pain for a huge long-term gain. She was prepared to move in without a functioning kitchen but not without a functioning bathroom. Now, six months later, Andy had done what he could for his freelance wife, but the kitchen had become the stumbling block.
Eventually, she got her way and they hired a fitter, although the price was pretty steep. Juanita had a plan for that, one that Andy didn’t have any inkling about. She was pretty sure her husband was cheating on her, so she negotiated for a steep discount of her own. The kitchen fitter might not be making much of a profit on this job, but Juanita was going to make sure he remembered it for years to come.
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Fixing The Fitter by D.D. Grey