Better Late Than Never

by Ghiselle St. James

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Better Late Than Never by Ghiselle St. James
Not every love story is a fairytale...

Since we were fifteen years old, my best friend, Kyle Moxam, has been a constant in my life. We’ve argued, fought, blocked each other – well, I have – and made up over Pop Tarts and purple soda. We've been on a cycle of will they/won't they/should they since then. We should because of our history...we can't because of our present circumstances. And, boy, what circumstances they are! I may be on the verge of losing the only person I've ever truly loved. Or am I...?

Since I was fifteen years old, Savannah ‘Savi’ Carpenter has played the role of my best friend, while my heart – and other parts of my anatomy – ached for her. Our friendship has been tested over the years, but we’ve always come out stronger through it all. Not this time. I may have pushed her too far and I don't know if we can come back from this. Can we survive this latest test with our friendship and heart intact? I sure as hell hope I don't lose her...because that would suck.

Better Late Than Never is a quirky tale of friendship, love, sacrifice and hope. Follow Savannah 'Savi' Carpenter as she navigates life, love, and everything in between, with her best friend, Kyle Moxam and the rest of the gang.

DISCLAIMER: There is no infidelity within this story, no matter how it looks. This is an angsty romance. So be prepared to throw your kindle...or at the very least, develop a complex or start drinking.
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Better Late Than Never by Ghiselle St. James