Northern Lights

by Michael Chatlien

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Northern Lights by Michael Chatlien
"Watch out for the creaking." An Inuit woman gives Greg Walsh this warning before he heads on a wilderness trek in the Canadian Rockies with his friend Dean, Sarah Brandt, and their guide, Ben. In the wild, Greg and Dean—conservative, blue-collar workers from Rockford—soon conflict with Sarah, a liberal, career woman from Chicago. On the third day, Greg hears creaking and pulls Sarah away from the landslide that kills Dean and Ben and sweeps away all their supplies except a knife and a canteen. Greg and Sarah argue, but soon they realize they have to cooperate to survive. Sarah picks out edible plants, and Greg guides their long trek by the stars. They find they have unexpected similarities, and each comes in touch with unresolved pain. A friendship forms, then grows into love. They face dangers, forging a deep trust that neither of them have ever experienced. Greg and Sarah survive the wild and start a commuting relationship back home. But their social groups sow discord. Their old lifestyles seem so comfortable, so easy to fall back into. And yet they don't want to lose the most profound relationship in their lives. Will they survive together?
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Northern Lights by Michael Chatlien