The Cadet

by Cecilia H. Smith

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The Cadet by Cecilia H. Smith
Julien can’t wait to join the police academy. He needs the discipline to get his life on track after escaping an abusive childhood. He just wants one last night out before the training starts and have some fun. A casual encounter with a tall, dark and handsome stranger leaves him reeling. Not having the best track record with relationships, he is torn between laying everything at the strangers feet and protecting his heart.

After his stint in the army left him with unpleasant memories, Brad has found new companionship in the police force. His job as a trainer in the academy gives him the peace and stability in his life that he craves, even if it means hiding that he’s bisexual. He thinks he is prepared to sacrifice everything for his secret, but one chance encounter during a night in town leaves him wondering if there couldn’t be more to life.

Thrown together for the harsh training in the academy they will have to decide between fear and acceptance, between duty and love, before it is too late and unforeseen dangers tear them apart.

Trigger warning: instances of violence and one brief non-consensual situation involving a secondary character.
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The Cadet by Cecilia H. Smith