Winter Plague : A Dark Apocalypse Romance (Complete Collection #1-4)

by Quinn Blackbird

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[?] · 3 ratings · Published: Dec 15th, 2020

Winter Plague : A Dark Apocalypse Romance by Quinn Blackbird
If you tried to run, you know what would happen, Winter.
I would hunt you down and burn the world to find you...

The world has gone to shit.
All that's left are a few bands of rogue survivors, more dangers than ever, those violence-loving rotters, and me and my dog, Cleo. Well, it should just be Cleo and me. And it was, until--
I found them.
A group of mercenaries in this plagued, wintery world. Once high-ranking soldiers, something has turned them dark in this new life we all lead. And my darkness calls to theirs...

Leo saves my life, Castle keeps me safe, and I'm torn between the two. Only, it's more than returned feelings that have them watching over me, and I quickly learn that my place in this group is not optional. I can't leave any time I want.

I've been taken captive.
And I see no way out. Not without breaking my own heart in the progress.

Winter Plague is the complete (books 1 - 4) collection of the Winter Plague series, second edition. Warnings for explicit scenes, love triangle, dark romance, and graphic violence.
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Winter Plague : A Dark Apocalypse Romance by Quinn Blackbird