William: A Medical Romance (Hazelview Medics #1)

by Clara Cruise

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William: A Medical Romance by Clara Cruise
An architect looking for an unconditional love without shackles.

An orthopaedic surgeon infatuated with the woman who mistook him for a stripper.

A happily ever after...or a heartbreak?

Jane doesn’t believe in marriage. It’s not that she doesn’t want an all-consuming, blissfully happy unconditional love; she very much does. But legally binding matrimony that everyone seems to want? Shackles and suffocation looming over her? Her experience convinces her to say No, thanks. And if it causes some hiccups in her love life, so be it...but wait, what if that brilliant doctor, William Smith, starts insisting?

William can’t stop thinking about that gorgeous, curvaceous, quirky woman he met at her friend’s bachelorette party. She thought he was a stripper! Him, an orthopaedic surgeon working in the Hazelview Memorial Hospital! He laughs every time he remembers that. His heart smiles every time he remembers her. But… When you love a woman so much, you marry her, right? Right. So what do you do if she doesn’t want to marry you, and it’s not because she just doesn’t have feelings for you?

Torn between what he feels is the proper thing to do and the wishes of the woman he loves, William will have to decide: accept that his beloved doesn’t believe in marriage...or break both of their hearts.

Can they navigate their way into their own happily ever after, or is it going to be yet another heartbreak for both of them?
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William: A Medical Romance by Clara Cruise