What You See (Sons of the Survivalist #3)

Cherise Sinclair

Rated: 4.51 of 5 stars
4.51 ·
[?] · 17 ratings · 378 pages · Published: 03 Dec 2020

What You See by Cherise Sinclair
She will risk everything to rescue her friend.

Frankie's BFF and four-year-old son are trapped inside a fanatical militia's compound. In Alaska, no less. Wilderness rescues are so not in the New Yorker's skill set. But she'll figure it out. She must.

Bull's new roadhouse server is a mass of contradictions.

The city girl's reasons for being in Alaska don't add up. Bull's been burned by liars before. So, why is he falling for this crap again? Maybe it's her big brown eyes, exuberant personality--or her generous, compassionate heart. Whatever the reason is, he cares. If she's in trouble, he'll do his damnedest to get her out.

The huge Alaskan is terrifyingly compelling--and heartwarmingly concerned for her.

But Frankie refuses to involve Bull in the deadly mess. Her plan to rescue her bestie will work without anyone getting hurt. As she tries her best not to fall in love, she doggedly acquires each skill she'll need.

Getting shot, though...that hadn't been on her to-do list.

Bull and Frankie's romance put me in an unbelievable feel-good happy place I truly haven't been to at all this year. Their story was full of suspense, action, danger, heartwarming family moments, and white-hot sizzling chemistry. I am SO VERY happy with this book that it is almost impossible to contain it!
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