Witchcraft Ridge: A Reverse Harem Western Romance (The Trail to Oblivion #1)

by Katelyn Beckett

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Witchcraft Ridge: A Reverse Harem Western Romance by Katelyn Beckett
I tried to save them from certain death. In turn, they want me dead.

Necromancy is an affront to the god my town worships, but I didn't have any other choice. The doctor up and died in front of me. What was I supposed to do? Leave my friends and family without someone to fix remedies? Besides, I'd spent years using my powers to nudge the dying back to life, how was this any different?

This time I got caught.

Now I'm on the run, trying to make it to a place where folks don't know my face or my name. Yet when I arrive, all the doors are shut and the windows barred. Here there are vampires, and they know just what to do with someone stupid enough to be in the streets after dark.

If not for Hickory and Lennox, a pair of lawmen with a command of sorcery, I'd be dead. They're handsome, rugged types with bright minds and nimble fingers that take my mind completely off of my goals.

No matter which way I turn, I'm in trouble. No matter what I decide, I'm up against odds never in my favor. If I make it to the city of Oblivion, the last remaining spell-weaving stronghold, maybe I can hide among the necromancers in the shadows. If I don't, only death awaits.

Witchcraft Ridge, The Trail to Oblivion Book 1, is a medium burn western reverse harem romance with magic elements. Here, you'll find a tough, strong female main character surrounded by sizzling hot men on horseback and plagued by vampires. Watch as she wrangles herself a cadre of men on her way to take the magical world by storm. After all, why choose?

This book contains explicit steamy scenes and is not appropriate for those under 18 years of age.
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Witchcraft Ridge: A Reverse Harem Western Romance by Katelyn Beckett