Holiday Magic (Elvenswood Tales 1) (Elvenwood Tales) (Elvenswood Tales #1)

by Alexa Piper

4.00 ·
[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 18th, 2020

Holiday Magic (Elvenswood Tales 1) (Elvenwood Tales) by Alexa Piper
Charlie, the only non-witch in a family of witches, has resigned herself to the role of the black sheep who doesn’t fit in. She lives a normal, boring human life, interrupted only by the occasional family visit over the holidays.

But even a normal, boring human can run into a vampire. Hugo might just be the caring, protective, blood-drinking boyfriend Charlie never knew she needed, even if her family will disapprove.

Before Charlie and Hugo can even go on a proper date, Fae try to ruin Christmas, and Charlie finds herself confronted with her vampire boyfriend’s very hot Elven friend. The three of them will have to take a trip to Faerie to save Christmas before they can figure out who gets to kiss whom first.
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Holiday Magic (Elvenswood Tales 1) (Elvenwood Tales) by Alexa Piper