by Via Won

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Unbind by Via Won
Not every monster lurks in the night. Sometimes they are hiding deep within us.

Levi Ambrosia is hopelessly in love with his childhood friend, Maya, and is almost ready to start a journey through his unrequited love when a plague breaks out in Ivywood, turning people into flesh-eating mutants, but that’s not the worst of it. In a town gone mad, Levi is pushed to the edge, and the inexplicable event has triggered something in him—something purely evil—trapping him between light and unending darkness.

Lost between his inner demons and love, Levi must figure out what truly matters in a world standing on the brink of disaster.

Warning: Attempted suicide, mentions of *suicide with side characters, depression, some blood but nothing overly graphic (hopefully), expect an anti-hero and romance
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Unbind by Via Won