The Mountain Girl Illustrated

by Emma Payne Erskine

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The Mountain Girl Illustrated by Emma Payne Erskine
The Mountain Girl was originally published in 1911 and is available in digital format for FREE at Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, and other sites. It is also available in free audio format at Librivox. The magazine Ladies Home Journal published one chapter at a time. The book contains several illustrations.Plot: David Thryng is the third son of a British peer of the realm. Unwilling to marry into money without love, and unwilling to spill blood on the battlefield, he decides to become a doctor. David travels to Canada, where he studies under Doctor Hoyle. When David becomes ill, Hoyle sends him to recuperate at his cabin, perched high on a promontory in the mountains of North Carolina. When the story begins, David's train is arriving at the tiny mountain crossing. David disembarks just in time to rescue a young Hoyle, named after the erstwhile doctor, David's mentor. Hoyle and his beautiful but quiet sister Cass take David home to mother, because the night has fallen, with fresh snow. At their cabin, David tends mother's broken hip. The next day, David travels another mile, up the trail to his friend's cabin. The crisp mountain air is rejuvenating to mind and body, and his sensitive soul finds rest. But David soon realizes that this delightful family is hiding something, or someone. There is a dark secret in the glen. Could it simply be a whiskey still? It must be something more...
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The Mountain Girl Illustrated by Emma Payne Erskine