The Clown Prince (Striking Mammoth #3)

by Kenner Alexander

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The Clown Prince by Kenner Alexander
The gruff ex-Marine Sergeant Nick Pepper of the Special Operations Response Team (SORT) for the Striking Mammoth Police Department has a secret soft spot. He is known for his hard-nosed administration of the team of ultra-alpha men of the SORT team. But few know that he secretly performs as a clown at the Denver Children’s Hospital to raise the spirits of the kids there.

Sgt. Pepper has been pining from afar for the sexy District Attorney Cindy Patterson. She is the one person who can turn the tough old Marine into jelly with just a glance and a smile. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her—until she asks the one thing that will cost him all he has worked for. She is the silent partner in a children’s charity that grants terminally ill children their fondest wish.

The charity is in financial trouble and they are about to help their last child unless they can do something public to raise funds. Cindy comes to Nick to help with the event, but the exposure would mean he could no longer be involved in the undercover task force he has helped to build and run. Will he make a dying girl’s wish come true? Will he expose his secret life performing for kids? Will he trade his career for the love of the woman who means everything to him? Will he be Cindy’s Clown Prince?
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The Clown Prince by Kenner Alexander