Trusting My Heart To The Realest

by Taniece

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Trusting My Heart To The Realest by Taniece
“Mama blessed you, baby girl. With a body like this, you can have any man you desire,” was the only advice Beauty remembered her mama giving her before she died from a drug overdose. Years later, she has to agree with her. After years of sexual abuse from various men in the foster care system, Beauty is proof that her mama knew what she was talking about. It didn’t take long for her to learn how to finesse a man for whatever her little heart desired. What started as a lil’ head for a few dollars in her pocket, quickly turned into her getting jewelry, trips, cars, clothes, and whatever else her tricks could spare.
Beauty was known for bleeding a man’s pockets dry, but that didn’t stop the next man from falling over his feet to get next to her. All of that changes once she meets the new owner of Majesty where she worked.
When Micah acquired the strip club, he was warned of the danger that lurked. He knew exactly who Beauty was and what she was about, which is why he decided to stay far away from the goddess. The thing is, when he makes the decision to evade Beauty, it’s already too late.
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Trusting My Heart To The Realest by Taniece