Three Days

by Alana Jay

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Three Days by Alana Jay
Three Days is a romantic suspense with paranormal elements.

Clean, New Adult, HEA.

Keidi Aster had the job of her dreams - until a laboratory accident forces her into a life-or-death situation.


I heard the heavy, irregular thumps as he staggered down the stairs, searching for me. Somehow, he knew where we fled. Didn’t I knock him out? Maybe I hadn’t hit him hard enough with the bat.

If I ever had the chance again, I’d hit him harder.

He was coming and I needed to see, but my eyes weren’t working right. They struggled between two messages. My soul wanted to show me the white filament that haunted me, beckoning me to join it in the middle place. My brain was screaming that I needed to see the world in the here and now – needed to escape the man who I now heard crashing towards me, across a basement filled with priceless science equipment. I heard glass shatter and I pushed against a wall, desperate for the way out.

I had to reach the filament. Our lives depended on it. I was dragging the love of my life along with me, praying that he’d wake up again, and praying that he still had what we needed in his pockets somewhere.

I didn’t have time to check his pockets and I couldn’t see with my mind and soul fighting over what to let me see, so prayers were all I had left. I desperately told my brain to let my soul see, but my brain didn’t like to do that when I had my eyes open.

It sounded crazy, even to me. But I was stone-cold sane as a first-year college student could be after all that happened. All the problems I didn’t care about fixing anymore. I didn’t even care about sanity anymore and I didn’t care what anyone thought.

I just wanted us to live.

And this was our last chance.
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Three Days by Alana Jay