LEARNING TO PLAY: Toys Are A Girl's Best Friend (Adult Erotica #5)

by Charlotte Sophia

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LEARNING TO PLAY: Toys Are A Girl's Best Friend by Charlotte Sophia
Charlotte Sophia is a passionate romance author with about 1,500 subscribers currently.
She love to see her fans enjoying and getting aroused with a strong feeling of ecstasy and intimacy and wanting for more after imagination running wild.
Her fans never regret having read her erotic books.

Learning to Play
Toys are a girl's best friend

Sometimes, you need a helping hand. And sometimes, sex toys can be the best way to take yourself to new pleasures that you never could have imagined before. From long-distance digital sex to enhanced masturbation to bringing partnered sex to the next level, this collection explores the way toys can change sex for good.
As I slowly, slowly lowered myself down on top of the thick plastic cock beneath me, I had to close my eyes to make sense of the delicious feelings it sent coursing through me all at once.
I was thinking of him the whole time, of course, how could I not be? He was the only man who had ever fucked me, ever taken me the way I needed to be taken, and I had no intention of letting that slip through my fingers.
Just because he was away didn’t mean that I couldn’t indulge in the feeling of being fucked – and, in fact, he had made sure that, while he was on his business trip, I wouldn’t be too lonely at home without him.
He had been the one to introduce me to the world of sex, so it made perfect sense that he should be the man who purchased me my very first sex toy.
A dildo, thick and long, shaped almost exactly like his own cock – I knew that he must have picked it out especially, and the thought of him, taking his time, choosing something that he knew would fit me perfectly, turned me on even more.
I had planted it down on the edge of the bed, squeezed a small drop of lubricant over the top so that I could make this easy on myself, and then, taking my time, I parted my legs and straddled it.
I had been glancing at it on and off since he had left the day before, a little nervous about the thought of actually going through with this – yes, I wanted to be fucked, and yes, I could hardly stand the thought of having to wait till he got back to indulge in that, but that didn’t mean that I wasn’t worried that I was somehow going to do this wrong.
It was a testament to how much he had taught me that I felt like I could do this at all – that I felt as though there was any part of me that could really enjoy the feeling of being penetrated by something that didn’t belong to him.
He had taught me in so many ways how to touch myself, how to pleasure myself, and how to ask for the pleasure that I craved from the people I wanted to give it to me. Mostly him, but hey, sometimes we’d invite a little someone extra in to it, too...
And that’s what I closed my eyes and imagined as I felt the dildo spread me out wide. My pussy ached with pleasure as I slid down its full length, letting the pressure of it move all the way inside of me, my lips spread to take every inch of it at once.
I thought of him watching me – I thought of him sitting opposite me, his hands to himself, taking me in as I moved up and down on top of this huge cock. And I felt a flood of wetness inch down the inside of my thighs, the lust and want of it more than I could come close to handling.
"Fuck," I groaned, tipping my head back and allowing it to charge through me. I could practically feel his eyes on me, and I knew that I wanted more – I started to move harder, pushing my hips down, planting my hands on the bed so that I could lift myself up and down, up and down, up and down.
I had been on top of him so many times before, let him hold my hips and drive himself into me mercilessly, but right now, I was the one in control. And I wanted to make the very most of it that I could.
I moved a little back on the bed, letting my hips drive forward so that just the tip of the dildo was inside of me, hitting the nub in my pussy that made everything feel perfect. Fuck – how
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LEARNING TO PLAY: Toys Are A Girl's Best Friend by Charlotte Sophia