Sense & Sensitivity

by Emma Fontaine

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Sense & Sensitivity by Emma Fontaine

Adeline and Quilo will have to use their unique abilities to save their grades. And their lives.

After arriving at Once Upon Academy, Adeline Augustin-Mignon is completely lost—literally and figuratively.

Adeline's only just now learned that she's a long-lost princess and thus eligible to attend the elite college for descendants of fairytale characters. The late and unusual delivery of her acceptance letter means she's missed orientation, so now she has to follow around her poor roommate just to get a feel for what's going on. She even almost starts crushing on Quilo Stenberg—son of the Ice Maiden—before she's told to stay far away.

And then, after Adeline's struck by how cold and insensitive Quilo can be in their first class together, their frequent run-ins leave her feeling rubbed the wrong way. When they're paired up for an Herbology assignment, even more so.

But after braving the woods together, and saving each other from brushes with danger, Adeline begins to sense that there are some emotions lying deep below his surface as Quilo slowly warms up to her and reveals his past.

Too bad her sensitivity to, well, everything is probably going to get her killed before the winter formal.

How can she—of all people—learn to feel her way through the terror in the forest and the warmth of first love?

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Sense & Sensitivity by Emma Fontaine