Behind Closed Doors

by Lucas X. Black

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 26th, 2020

Behind Closed Doors by Lucas X. Black
Alex McIntyre, a widower, takes his little boy Jim on a Scouts camping trip, where he is accosted by Wendy, who follows him into the woods, and chats him up, flirting. Friends with her on Facebook, Alex knows Wendy is married and posts a wide array of religious material on her wall, and he doesn't return her flirtations in kind.

The next day, Wendy falls on a hike, planting her face into the mud, and Jim giggles, then is slapped by a furious and humiliated Wendy. Alex takes Jim home, withdrawn from Scouts and blocks Wendy every way he knows how, hoping to be done with her once and for all. But Wendy is persistent, and sends her persuasive cousin Caroline to accost Alex at work, pulling really long strings. Alex finally relents, agreeing to meet Wendy. He has no idea about the major alterations about to come to the landscape of his life as, shocking him, Wendy admits she's widowed, not married, and wants to be his, even if she worries she burned that to the ground ...
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Behind Closed Doors by Lucas X. Black