In the Wrong Year (Double-Check Your Destination #1)

by Amabel Daniels

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 27th, 2020

In the Wrong Year by Amabel Daniels
Have you ever been so wasted you fell back in time?

Crazy, right?

But it happened to me, only it wasn’t a bizarre side effect of a hangover. Nope. An arrogant time-traveling hero thought he was “rescuing” me by sending me back to 2020—the year no one wanted to revisit or experience for the first time.

That was how I ended up in another decade, trapped with a smartass, looking for a source of antimatter a nut-head scientist discovered a century ago.

The only way to get back to my time was to find some of those vials my relatives fought over before I was born. Locating them was one thing. Suffering this sexy, yet annoying man who’d sent me back through time…well, that was infinitely trickier.
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In the Wrong Year by Amabel Daniels