Love Me Forever (Love Me Series : Book Two)

by P.K. Lee

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Love Me Forever (Love Me Series : Book Two) by P.K. Lee
**Book Two of the "Love Me" series. Can be read as a stand-alone book.**

Do you believe in love?

I certainly did not. To be honest, I never cared much for it. To me, love was nothing but the brain releasing the chemical phenylethylamine to produce the effect of what people call "falling in love."

But never in a million years did I ever expect my plans to shatter instantly when Erin introduced me to her best friend, Julie, the most beautiful and luscious red-haired woman I'd ever seen.

In an instant, I knew my life would never be the same. I knew then that it didn't matter who she was or what her past beheld. She will become my future.


From the moment Grace locked eyes with Julie, she was in love. She had fallen hard and fast. Grace found the perfect person for her, and there was never a doubt in her mind that she couldn't have Julie because no one can resist her charm, whether it be a man or woman.

However, not everything in life comes easily, as Grace might hope. Not when the woman you love is in love with your older sister.

Though her feelings were not returned, she continued to stay by Julie's side, hoping that Julie would look her way one day. But seven years later and Grace remains nothing more than a friend.

What happens when Grace begins to reach her breaking point and decides to move on with her life? Without realizing that the one person she wanted the most has finally started to fall in love with her.

NOTE: This story contains MATURE content and GIRL ON GIRL action.
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Love Me Forever (Love Me Series : Book Two) by P.K. Lee