Chef's Nutter Half: An Solstice Romance (Vale Valley Season 5 #12)

by Isha Fáng

4.00 ·
[?] · 2 ratings · Published: Dec 30th, 2020

Chef's Nutter Half: An Solstice Romance by Isha Fáng
You cannot run from love, it’ll always find you. Always.

Finnick moved to Vale Valley years ago in the hopes of forgetting the past that still haunts him.
The town provides him the solitude he craves.
The knowledge of pain and loss makes him angry and resentful of life, hesitant to love agin.
Doesn’t want to let anyone in his heart ever again.
But circumstances he can't prevent, stick him and Oscar together.
Unfortunately, his longing for Oscar will challenge his cold heart in a way he never expected.

Oscar’s plan to host a thank you event for the residents of Vale Valley turns into a hissing match between him and peckish Finnick. The older gentleman is nothing more than a grouch and Oscar’s polar opposite, but he can’t deny the attraction he feels.
Or the need to know more about him…

Can a grumpy old honey badger and squirrel shifter get along long enough to fall in love? Can Oscar open Finnick’s heart and teach him to love again?
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Chef's Nutter Half: An Solstice Romance by Isha Fáng